End of Season 1

That’s all folks! Stage 1 of my trip, through Latin American countries, has ended. It has been 4 intense months, travelling in Colombia, Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, Chile & Easter Island, Peru and Cuba. I’ve had it all: beaches, mountains, deserts, jungle; heat and cold; huge cities and little villages; 20-hour bus trips or 3-day boat journeys; many experiences and  nice encounters. I can tell you, travelling in South America is a breeze. I also believe that the fact that my native language is Spanish perhaps helped me discover more than other foreigners, who are sometimes too reliant on the backpacker “circuit” and don’t get to interact with local people unconnected to it.

I’m grateful to those who’ve followed the blog, you’ve encouraged me to keep on. I know you’re all busy people, so thank you guys for having the patience to keep reading it.

Of course this is NOT the end. I’m now about to begin the next stage: the silk road. I’ll travel from Istanbul to Xian, from Europe to the Far East. A romantic journey along the most important trade route of all times, in the footsteps of legendary travellers such as Marco Polo, Alexander the Great or Genghis Khan.

It’s not going to be easy. Unlike South America, there’s little backpacker infrastructure here, visas are difficult to obtain, transport is less frequent, and so on. And of course communication will be much more difficult, because I don’t speak any of the local languages. But, as usual, big effort, big reward.

So the second stage looks promising: more and better trips, more adventure and – if internet is available – more and better posts.


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