New Zealand – The South Island

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New Zealand’s South Island has a stunning natural scenery. The feast begins right in the ferry journey between Wellington and Picton. The views from the ferry are awesome on a sunny day.

Despite not being far, the weather improves a lot when crossing from the North Island to the South Island. A few more degrees, sunny and not as windy as Wellington! 🙂

Ferry journey

Ferry journey

Arriving at the South Island

Arriving at the South Island

The South Island is sparsely populated. It is the biggest of the two islands but only hosts 23% of the population. Of course, there are no big cities. In this semi-rural environment, people are super nice.

The largest city on the island is Christchurch. In 2010 and 2011 it suffered major earthquakes that left the city devastated. Some parts of the centre were still being reconstructed and closed to pedestrians.



Other city I visited was Queenstown. This resort town is really popular with adventure tourism, and almost all outdoors activities are offered. Sky diving is especially popular, but also skiing, snowboarding, jet boating, whitewater rafting, bungee jumping, mountain biking, skateboarding, tramping, etc.



But what was really striking to me in the South Island were not the cities but the amazing landscapes I could see in between. I will finish the post with a few more photos of the scenery:






5 thoughts on “New Zealand – The South Island

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  2. Great photos of the South Island. Can never put the camera down when there. Love the one with people hanging at picnic tables overlooking Queenstown, beautiful!

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